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Our Philosophy


he Urban Apothecary® is the brainchild of Talal Al-Hamad (RH), a medical herbalist with a diverse background in holistic healing. We are a world class herbal clinic & dispensary located in the Bancroft region in Ontario – Canada. Our services include professional herbalist consultations as well as prescription filling for qualified health practitioners.
We believe in personalized synergistic combinations for clients whether prescribing a tincture or simply making a hand cream. All our formulations are done with your individual constitution, health conditions and herbal preferences in mind.

our_philo_1At The Urban Apothecary®, we are mad about quality. It all starts at the base, which are the herbs. We go through immense lengths to obtain the highest quality herbs on the planet, sparing no effort whatsoever. In addition to our  very strict quality standards we place preference on: organic, ethically wildcrafted and fair trade whenever possible. During the season, we go out into the field ourselves to wildcraft many of our herbs to tincture fresh at peak potency. We absolutely guarantee that our herbs are 100% none irradiated or genetically engineered.

Our apothecarys tinctures are truly in a class of their own. We are very proud to offer a selection of over 200 herbal tinctures, some of which can only be found at our dispensary continent wide. We offer authentic Spagyric tinctures and essences of the highest order, manufactured with astrological alignments in mind. These remedies offer a more powerful and complete extract than the traditional herbal tincture. All of our  preparations are veritable , genuine and legitimate.

Our raw materials for our tinctures include, Ethyl alcohol and glass bottled spring water. Our spring water is unique, as it is the result of a 3,500 year process, filtering into granite based aquifiers in a 2000 acre protected forest. It is delivered to us in glass bottles to maximize its purity.
our_philo_3Our herbal oils are equally as premium as our tinctures, of which we over 20 varieties including Ayurvedic Oils. Our Ayurvedic Medicated Oils (Siddha Tailam) are made using a very time consuming and labor intensive process. In addition to oils, we also boost a wide array of medicated salves, creams and other personalized botanical products. The oils form the base of our assortment of personalized botanical products.

We invite you to browse our menu, and are confident you will enjoy the quality of our services and offerings.

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