The grass is always greener on the other side..

As a medical herbalist i see this concept applied way too often in our society, particularly when it comes to ones own health..

The west is completely obsessed with Ayurveda (Indian herbal medicine), Chinese medicine, Amazonian herbs and “super foods” to name a few. Whilst the East has its own obsession with the Wests approach.. For example, In India, Homeopathy is HUGE and growing very fast! Western herbalism is seen as superior by many eastern practitioners who spend fortunes importing herbal tinctures.

I sit here as a person who was born and raised in the middle east (literally the half way point) confused as to why either side cant see this simple equation.. Why is it east or west? why not east meets west! Why not utilize all the tools available to you and use them to your advantage?

This is how i differentiate my approach and practice. Having solid science to fall back on whilst amalgamating the many tools the east and western herbal world have to offer. Tongue diagnosis, Pulse diagnosis & Urinalysis, are some of my many tools. I also preference local and invasive plants over imports, which is something all herbalists should be doing.

For many of us, our allure with the exotic has been intertwined with our desire for results.. its time to step back and regain balance.

To your good health friends..

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