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Gut Microbiota – we are entering a new era

As of the science is literally turning its head around and starting to look away from probiotics, a massive lucrative industry that thrives on impressive marketing and claims of more is more through the use of wording such as “50 billion active” etc.. Its been shown that eating a wide variety of fermented foods vastly outperforms any probiotic on the market..

Here we have another study showcasing once more that evidence of colonization remains “sparse and controversial”. This was done using an 11 strain probiotic combination and placebo. 11 strains is higher than even your average high end probiotic! But here’s where it gets interesting.. Humans actually showed to have personal, regional and strain specific colonization patters … we are now entering an era of personalized individual probiotics.. Autologous FMT is a fascinating area that is developing quite rapidly.. Hold on to your seats folks!

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