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Ayurvedic Ghrita is the true medicinal ghee the scriptures have written about and is not the same as the western clarified butter, which is often sold as Ghrita.

It was said that Lord Shiva would fall in from consuming clarified butter but not Ghrita.

Ghrita is made using a traditional method named “Bilona” which uses A2 milk from the humped Brahman cow. The process involves a critical fermentation step, turning the milk into yoghurt and thus churning that very yoghurt into a soured butter that is then clarified into the Ghrita. It is this very process that makes the Ghrita a truly Tridoshic food balancing all 3 doshas. It is an excellent and very stable cooking fat.

Our Ayurvedic Ghrita is imported from a trusted facility we work with in India that was able to meet our very high standards.




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