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The Science of letters, is the ultimate modality and the most powerful of all knowledges. All living creatures obey the 12 zodiac signs, which obey the 7 ruling planets, which obey the 4 elements, which in turn are ruled by the numbers and letters of the fabric of the universe itself. The system literally deals with understanding all that is, that will be and that has been. It goes beyond Alchemy itself as it deals with the actual fabric of the 4 elements that we try to manipulate in that craft.
I’m pretty scientific minded so It has been very hard for me to stomach this stuff. But, I am unable to disprove anything thus far. I am accepting that the human minds finite capabilities may not grasp the how of this.. but I’m certainly understanding how to use this information to manipulate and understand things about a human being I can not possibly know. Reducing all matter to math..🤯
This world is a vast ocean and I’m excited to help folks understand one of the hidden limbs of Islamic medicine. This is a rare opportunity to hear this information in English from someone extremely fluent in Arabic who is a practicing Herbalist/Alchemist.
I will be covering many topics including: the science of letters, the origin of the system, showcasing the number squares, Talismans, notable practitioners and much more!
The class was streamed live and the recording is now available for purchase. Once paid in full you will receive a download link for the video of the lecture. Please note that the video is only to be used for your own personal education and not to be openly shared or uploaded.
This will likely be one of many more to come from this series!

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