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Our Multi Fraction Spagyric mushrooms are made using a process unique to our apothecary. They are very potent, bioavailable, and are the most economically priced Spagyric mushroom products available globally! Our goal at The Urban Apothecary in providing this line is to offer the world’s most accessibly priced Spagyric fungal liquid extracts while ensuring an extremely potent and absorbable product. We are proud to say we have achieved this goal!

Our Lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) has been gaining popularity in recent years and with good reason. Just like its other fungal cousins is an immunomodulator and as such may provide support to the immune system in addition to a host of other health benefits. In addition to this, this mushroom appears to have an affinity for the brain and nerves.

Several studies have shown the mushrooms ability to stimulate neural nerve growth and as such is a suitable agent to add for cerebral and nerve support. Other studies suggest a potential protective action against brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and more.

The bottom line is this mushroom may be very useful in helping protect the brain from dementia, lift depression and anxiety and support nerve damage repair.

Our Lion’s Mane mushrooms are Organically grown in Ontario and are extracted fresh for maximum potency!

Looking for a custom mushroom blend? Email us at info@urbanapothecary.ca and let’s talk!

Available in 50ml, 125ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles.

All our Spagyric tinctures are prepared using specific Islamic astrological alignments. The salts or “body” of the plants are also infused with Universal spirit (Azoth) before they are recombined with the extract.

Introducing our new Dual True Spectrum Fungal Delivery System

At The Urban Apothecary, we’ve decided to take our own route when it comes to mushroom administration. Most “dual extract” or even “quadruple extract” tinctures try to smash together two worlds into one bottle. The water loving polysaccharides, that don’t like high ethanol solutions, and the triterpenes that tend to dissolve well in alcohol. While it certainly is feasible to create a stable liquid extract, it’s not ideal & the issue is clinical dose viability is quite low. To achieve an effective dosage very large amounts must be taken.

As such we are introducing our Dual True Spectrum Fungal Delivery System. We believe the combination of a potent & clean polysaccharide rich powder extract with our unique triterpene & living water rich multi fraction spagyric liquid extract to be the ULTIMATE way to obtain the full spectrum benefit of medicinal mushrooms while maintaining clinically therapeutic doses. The living water is the moisture found within the mushroom itself and has very special properties that we like to incorporate into our extracts.

Check out our Mushroom Zone section to explore our full range of powders and multi fraction spagyric tinctures. You can mix and match the powders and liquids as you please.

Please note – our E-Shop only offers a glimpse of our complete offerings. If you are looking for larger quantities or wholesale accounts, please email us at info@urbanapothecary.ca, and lets chat!

Looking for more stuff? We invite you to browse our full catalogue , found in the menu section of our website.

Disclaimer: The Urban Apothecary only mentions potential traditional uses of our herbs. We make no medical claims on any of our prepared products, whatsoever. 


50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml


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