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Oil of egg is an extract from the cooked yolk of chicken eggs. Our chicken eggs are obtained from our dear friend Paula who raises her chickens like family. They pasture feed and are supplemented with organic feed and pumpkins which we donate to them occasionally! They are truly loved!

Oil of egg consists mainly of triglycerides with traces of lecithin, cholesterol, lutein, zeaxanthin and more. It is rich in Omega 3  and 6 fatty acids. The oil resembles the fatty acid profile of human milk as well as the lipid profile of human skin. As such this makes it an excellent agent to add to creams, lotions, balms and the like.

The oil is a wonderful topic agent and is supportive for: Scabies, Wounds, Scars, Wrinkles and Burns. It is also a very nutritive agent to use topically on the scalp where it acts as a “hair food”, nourishing the scalp greatly.

Available in 5 ml Viles only.


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