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Oman is known for its incredible resins, especially its Frankincense. The market is absolutely flooded with many grades which can make it difficult for the consumer to navigate. For this particular product we have done the sifting for you!

This particular grade was hand mixed by our founder Talal. It is a mix of high incense grade with a particular medical grade blended into it for a more balanced aroma. Consider this our Boswellia “House blend”, if you will!

Our Omani frankincense is extremely high quality and comes from the Dhofar region.

One of the ways the Omanis enjoy frankincense is to soak a few lumps in water and consume the aromatic water as a general tonic and purifying agent for the body. Arabs also enjoy soaking some lumps in Rose water and then using this infused preparation as a facial toner. The gum is also chewed, similar to myrrh by Arabs. One can also tincture the resin to create a very powerful medicinal agent.

Although this product is suitable to consume, we do recommend our medical grade for internal purposes over these tears.

Our frankincense supplier is a good friend of the founder, Talal, and has notable family members that have worked extensively in the conservation of many botanicals including Boswellia. His love for the plant and eagerness to preserve it makes him the ideal source for us to work with.

Truly the best Omani frankincense we offer, and also available in larger wholesale amounts. For larger quantity quotes of 5-10kg+, please contact us directly.

Please note – our E-Shop only offers a glimpse of our complete offerings. If you are looking for larger quantities or wholesale accounts, please email us at info@urbanapothecary.ca, and lets chat!

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