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Sidr honey features a honey collected from bees that have primarily fed on the Ziziphus spina-christi tree. This biblical tree has been mentioned in the bible and quran and is related to the famous Jujube tree. It is mentioned in the quran as one of the seven plants of heaven.

Sidr honey is considered the most medicinal honey in Islamic medicine. It has a whole host of benefits and supports the body in many. Some tidbits about Sidr Honey:

  • Unusually high in antioxidants
  • high in mineral content
  • helps balance gut flora and can be used to support acute infections.
  • may be helpful for those with mold sensitivties.
  • an excellent adjunct agent to support a neti pot herbal solution for chronic sinusitis
  • an an excellent general health tonic.

Our Sidr honey is the Winter variety, which is much more potent than the more popular and commercial summer Sidr honeys. We also take great pride in obtaining our honey from trusted bee keepers in Oman rather than Yemen. Whilst Yemen is traditionally known to have the worlds finest honey, its neighbouring country Oman in my opinion has surpassed it due to lack of international demand from products of Omani origin.

Our Sidr is beautiful , pure , and an incredible value as this is the price one usually pays for summer Sidr!

When consuming honey daily as a preventative medicine, we advise you to dilute a teaspoon into a cup of room temperature water and consume on an empty stomach. Islamic medicine states that if prepared this way, it’s as if one has drunk a full glass of honey medicinally!

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Disclaimer: The Urban Apothecary only mentions potential traditional uses of our herbs. We make no medical claims on any of our prepared products, whatsoever. 



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