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Do You Serve International Clients?

Yes we accept clients & students worldwide and ship our products globally.

Do You Treat Animals As Well?

Absolutely, however if it is a medical emergency we recommend going to an emergency animal hospital.

What makes your medicine so special?

We produce our own unique style of making tinctures and herbal extracts drawing heavily from Spagyrics, Alchemy, water memory and Astrology. Our medicines are extremely potent, vibrant and alive and implement a variety of philosophical principals where applicable. We welcome any questions you may have on our processes and offerings.

What Does A Typical Initial Consultation Involve?

A typical appointment begins with a consultation that requires up to two hours. This time includes physical examinations as appropriate, pulse & tongue diagnosis and a urinalysis. After a thorough analysis has been made, I may prescribe a specifically formulated herbal remedy in addition to lifestyle and dietary changes.

Do You Offer House Calls , Or Online Consultations?

Absolutely, house calls and in person visits are available for those in the area. Otherwise most consults are via Zoom, phone or skype

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Interac E-transfer, Cash, Cheque or Paypal..

What Are Your Business Hours?

We are a private clinic & research facility that operates by appointment only, please contact us to book a visit or to work with us.

Where Are You Located?

In the heart of Bancroft – Ontario – The mineral Capital of Canada

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