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Professional Consults

We offer 3 different options

1) Herbal Consults

Our consults are unique and tailored to the individual. Talal uses a unique blend of many modalities including: Ayurveda, Arabic & Islamic medicine, Unani medicine and Traditional Western Herbalism. We aim to treat the person as a whole rather than symptomatically, as such every patient receives a very personalized approach. If 10 people come to us with a cold today everyone gets something different. There are no set formulas we work with. We work with over 300 herbs, which are of the absolute highest quality. Organic, and fair trade is always given priority. We also Wild Craft where possible! Virtually every tincture and oil extract is made by us in house.

The initial consult is between 1.5 and 2 hours long. The consult includes a detailed discussion about your medical history followed by blood pressure, tongue and pulse diagnosis (for in person consults). We then pull all this together and craft a specific formula to bring you into balance in addition to offering a lifestyle and dietary protocol to help bring it all together. Its very important to note that lifestyle, diet and herbs work in synergy and not to rely simply on herbs.

Our fees are 145$ for the initial consult and 45$ for follow-ups. This does not include the cost of medications. Tinctures prices vary but are affordable. Teas are cheaper but in some cases tinctures are necessary. In addition to the consult, within a few days of your first visit we will send you a summary of our chat highlighting diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations for you to refer back to

Currently Talal is operating via Zoom, Skype and phone but can also do in person visits for those that wish to venture to the Bancroft area.

2) Jafr Science Consults – Awfaq (Magic squares) & Islamic Talismans

We are very pleased to offer this extremely rare and powerful service. Our Jafr consults are based on the Science of Numbers and Letters rooted in the more obscure/hidden areas of Islamic medicine. All that is required is your name, your mother’s name , your birthday and birth time! We then combine this data in a very particular way to obtain very intimate details about you, such as your hidden horoscope! This data can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and can also be manipulated through the use of Awfaq (Magic squares), Incenses and Talismans. Some of the things you will learn about yourself include:

1) The qualities of your name, its elemental balance and its Temperamental influence on you.

2) Which of the 99 Names of God is your personal name, and who are the Angels ruling your name.

3) If your name is Suitable, Happy/Sad? Jinxed?

4) Your personal: planet, day, letter, hour, number, and more..

5) Temperamental data – which leads us to formulate more accurately from a physical, mental and astrological standpoint. This also helps understand the weakest point of entry for disease.

6) The 13 Jewels of the self – Through a labour intensive method we reduce your very existence into a specific sequence of numbers to allow us to understand you from a deeply spiritual standpoint. These aspects can then be “powered up” or supported as needed with the aid of Awfaq (Magic Squares) or various incenses & herbs. The 13 jewels we extract involve data from the: 1) Body 2) Soul 2) Self 4) Blood 5) Mind 6) Natural Power 7) Total Power 8) Senses 9 ) Movement 10) Lust 11) Heart 12) Brain 13) Total Human Self.

All of this data can be used in a plethora of ways including: increasing prestige, finding love, breaking/preventing curses, fortification, increasing cognitive function, protection, Increasing wealth, and much more.. The possibilities are endless!

The Jafr Consult is priced at 145$ for the initial consult and includes a supportive Magic Square (Wafaq) and Talisman (Talsam). Future Jafr consults or projects vary depending on the time or project goal involved.

For Talismanic projects, we are also able to offer custom projects carved into your unique constitutional metal or stone for a more amplified effect. Please contact us for further information.

Currently Talal is operating via Zoom, Skype and phone but can also do in person visits for those that wish to venture to the Bancroft area.

3) The Roohani Package

The Roohani Package combines both our Herbal and Jafr consults into an incredibly potent, multi realm, all-encompassing system that helps us understand you very deeply from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective. This will greatly enhance our ability to prescribe a very personalized lifestyle, diet and herbal protocol that also considers your “spiritual data”.

This incredible package is priced at 250$ and includes a mini health report as well as a Magic Square (Wafaq) & Talisman (Talsam).

Currently Talal is operating via Zoom, Skype and phone but can also do in person visits for those that wish to venture to the Bancroft area.

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Herbal Apothecary & Botanical Medicine Dispensing

We offer a full fledged Botanical herbal dispensary loaded with a variety of alchemical & spagyric products. From teas, Alchemical tinctures, Salves, Herbal oils, Herbal supplements and much more. There is something here for everyone!

Practitioners looking to fill formulas for their clients are welcome to email us their formulations in confidence. We also offer whole sale discounts to qualified practitioners that wish to stock our medicines.

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Currently Talal teaches at select conferences and symposiums both Nationally and Internationally, such as the American Herbalists Guild Symposium, The Great Lakes Herb Faire and more.

Talal also occasionally offers, workshops, live online lectures and pre recorded classes on various topics. To best keep track of these offerings we strongly recommend you sign up to our mailing list.

Talal mainly offers private mentoring/tuition to students of all levels. From the beginner herbalist to practicing registered nurses and naturopaths, there is something to learn for everyone. He will craft a custom tailored program that will suit your needs and timeframe and ensure the information is applicable, relevant as well as digestible. Interested in learning more? Email us to book a call with Talal to discuss your goals and how he can best help you.

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