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We are very proud to be the first suppliers of this incredibly rare product

in North America!

This syrup is produced by a small women’s Co-op in the Dhofar region of Oman. It is considered a very rare village product that is produced in small quantities.

The Aloe syrup can be used topically in many of the ways you would use aloe vera, but is also traditionally used on the face to help treat a variety of skin problems. It is considered invaluable in the support of skin that is prone to acne, and as such is useful for teenagers in that regard. It is suitable for sensitive skin and makes an incredible base for face masks.

It is also traditionally used during colds and flus where the product is topically applied around the nose area to help support congestion.

This product is beyond organic and support fair trade.

Although it is possible to use this product very diluted for internal uses – It should not be done without the supervision of a qualified practitioner well versed in the traditional use of this syrup. As such we strongly recommend the external use of this product only!

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Disclaimer: The Urban Apothecary only mentions potential traditional uses of our herbs. We make no medical claims on any of our prepared products, whatsoever. 



50 ml


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