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Our Organic German Chamomile is literally out of this world.  Grown in Egypt, a nation that has mastered this plant, it is unlike most offerings on the commercial market.

Extremely aromatic, flavourful and delicate. We are very proud of this grade and are certain you will be very pleased as well.

Chamomile’s traditional uses are so numerous it would be a challenge to list them all. Some notable conditions it traditionally supports include: flatulence, stomach pain, indigestion, anxiety, nervousness, inflammation, insomnia, allergies, colds & flus and much more! The tea can also be used topically for various acute injuries and the like.

Did you know that spraying your aromatic botanical herbs with a strong chamomile tea will boast their production of essential oils? Try it!

Please note – our E-Shop only offers a glimpse of our complete offerings. If you are looking for larger quantities or wholesale accounts, please email us at info@urbanapothecary.ca, and lets chat!

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Disclaimer: The Urban Apothecary only mentions potential traditional uses of our herbs. We make no medical claims on any of our prepared products, whatsoever. 


100g, 1lb


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