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Iron & your health

Friends I found a really good study last night!

Here is a massive Report by the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) on Iron and Health. Its about 374 pages so ill need to check it out later . Some things of note thus far :

-21% of women between 19-34 had iron deficiency anemia

-red and processed meat makes a greater contribution to total zinc intake (32% for men;
27% for women) than to total iron intake (12% for men; 9% for women).

– It is therefore possible that iron
supplements might exacerbate infections by providing iron to pathogens.

-Polymorphisms in genes involved in regulating iron metabolism can affect iron absorption. Hence my argument that pure plant based isnt applicable to everyone.

-more iron is absorbed from the diet in a state of iron deficiency and less is absorbed when iron depots are replete.Haem
iron (animal sources) is absorbed more efficiently from the diet than non-haem iron.

-Calcium ,Phytates, Tannins and other various Phenolic compounds reduce absorption of none haeme iron (single test meal, which doesnt take adaptability into account)

-It has been proposed that high iron intakes or high body iron burden may increase the risk of colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease (CVD), infection, neurodegenerative disorders and inflammatory conditions. It has also been proposed that iron supplementation may have a negative effect on the physical growth of iron replete
infants and children

SO much more info… this is gonna take ages to read .. Link below for you folks!


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