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The truth about Essential Oils

Oh Essential Oils.. or as i like to call them, pretentious spoils.

Consider the following folks:

-essential oils are a very small representation of the actual constituents of a herb and it’s synergy. like less than 1%… In fact it has been theorized that essential oil constituents are used by plants as a self defense mechanism against insects, which is evidently seen with the topical uses of EO containing insect repellent. The message seems to be clear, Stay away!

-There is another theory that says EO’s are simply waste products of a plant that build up over time with no way for the plant of removing them. This theory can easily be supported by the fact that high EO containing plants have a much shorter life span than those with Low levels of EO.. perhaps the plant cant afford to produce such high levels of EOs (toxins) to store for such a long period of time?

-The essential oil industry promotes mono culture farming. These fields of lavender to create your precious oils could be used to grow more companion plants / foods that work into crop cycling and soil health.

-The essential oil industry (Especially the larger MLM companies such as doterra and young living) tend to claim empirical whole herb benefits from these oils which is completely inaccurate and misleading. In most cases essential oils are seen as “better” or “Stronger”. The thought process for most people I meet is why should i drink peppermint tea when I can easily and conveniently consume the essential oil and obtain the “soul of the plant” and all its “memories”. Absolute rubbish

-The essential oil industrys approach (especially the MLM ones) are aimed to dis empower you. By relying on their oils instead of whole herbs they make more money. Keep in mind whole herbs are vastly superior, safer and can be grown or wild harvested yourself. By empowering yourself you take from fat cat pockets. The quality of most EO’s as well (especially the big players) is really poor in my opinion.

-Some EO’s can disrupt gut flora and digestive enzymes (even in the mouth) simply by diffusion.

Keep in mind EOS are not digested in your system they are passed out through urine and if you are lactating, milk. Hence why nursing mothers can use herbal teas to medicate babies and why internal EO consumption can cause irritation to kidney nephrons too.

-It takes a lot of material to create said oils. consider the image below.

I can go on and on but ill leave it at that.. Keep in mind this is not take from the real and true art form of aromatherapy which unfortunately has been hijacked in this day and age due to the infiltration of poor quality MLM brands such as Doterra and Young Living that aim to create a false sense of empowerment amongst well intention ed folks. The marketing behind this industry is some of the most brilliant I’ve ever seen and its easy to see how many people are falling for it. They have cleverly brought the “alchemist” or “herbalist” feel to their demographic. Tiny small amber bottles, mixing oils to create “blends” to “cure” all sorts of ailments.. all whilst simply spending a good weekend to become an “expert” simply regurgitating nonsense they memorized from brochures. its too easy to see through for me personally..

and for the love of all things holy, please don’t consume your essential oils internally.. Please, just don’t..

To my fellow TRUE aromatherapist friends, I feel for you. Its a tough age to exist..

If the essential oil fad keeps going the way it is, it will certainly be the death of herbalism…

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